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If an individual is experiencing persistent symptoms that are impeding their everyday life, they may want to consider getting a mental health screening. 

What Is Mental Health Screening?

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A mental health screening typically involves a series of questions that help determine whether or not someone is suffering from any type of emotional disturbance, mental illness, or mental disorder. This may include questions about a person’s mood, thoughts, feelings, behavior, and functioning in daily life, with the basic goal of learning more about the individual’s personal, physical, and mental condition. Depending on the results of the screening, there may be additional tests or assessments (such as a physical exam, lab tests, or a cognitive evaluation) used to further diagnose any concerns that may arise during the screening process. 

What Happens During a Mental Health Screening at Psycamore?

A potential patient is first seen in a screening interview by a master’s-level counselor to determine what type of therapy the patient needs and in what type of setting, and determine if a partial hospital program is appropriate for that individual.

The next step in the Psycamore process is referring individuals to an inpatient hospital or appropriate outpatient settings. Those individuals who are considered appropriate for Psycamore will be admitted to the program and seen by a psychiatrist for a diagnostic evaluation within 72 hours of their admission.

The purpose of the diagnostic evaluation is to determine the nature and diagnosis of the emotional problem and to develop a treatment plan that may include further tests or assessments, medications, and psychotherapies. The evaluation will also help determine the types and frequency of group, individual, and family therapy at Psycamore, as well as how long this level of treatment will be needed.

The Benefits of Mental Health Screening at Psycamore

Screenings, followed by mental health diagnostic evaluations provide several benefits for those who need them. Getting screened early can help identify any potential mental health issues and an appropriate course of action, allowing individuals to get the help they need before their symptoms become too difficult to manage, require intensive treatment, or cause negative long-term effects. When individuals have an accurate diagnosis in hand, it allows them to start receiving treatment quickly, rather than waiting for months or even years before getting help. 

The most important benefit of a mental health screening is to provide information about which treatments might be most effective for each individual’s particular situation. Psycamore mental health professionals utilize the results of a screening to determine what setting is most appropriate for an individual. An individual may require a referral to an inpatient hospital, an outpatient program, or a partial hospitalization program (PHP).

When it comes to planning group and individual therapy needs, as well as assessing medication requirements, a diagnostic evaluation is necessary. This comprehensive assessment provides helpful insight into which types of therapies might work best for a particular patient and their condition. It also helps doctors decide if medications need to be prescribed, and if so, which medication may be most effective. This ensures that all our patients receive the most effective treatments possible as efficiently as possible. 

All in all, undergoing regular mental health screenings and diagnostic evaluations is key in providing an accurate diagnosis so that appropriate measures can be taken early on in order to get the treatment necessary to live a full and healthy life.

Our Clients Say:

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