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What Is the Purpose of Individual Therapy?

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Individual therapy is a therapeutic approach to mental health concerns through a focus on helping patients better understand themselves, their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships. During individual therapy sessions with a licensed therapist or counselor at Psycamre, patients will be encouraged to safely explore difficult emotions, discuss any unresolved issues from the past or present, and develop healthier ways of thinking and responding to life’s challenges. In these sessions, therapists will guide the exploration of individuals’ beliefs and experiences in order to help them gain insight into themselves and identify any patterns of thinking or behavior that might be holding the patient back. The goal is to become insightful about one’s own behaviors and coping styles and adopt healthier behaviors, patterns of thinking, and positive coping strategies. 

What to Expect from Individual Therapy at Psycamore

The patient meets with a therapist individually for about an hour each week to address various psychological issues and coping styles. This is a required therapy for anyone admitted to Psycamore and is provided in addition to group therapies.

If a patient is already seeing a therapist prior to admission to Psycamore, the patient is encouraged to continue with that therapist. The clinical staff at Psycamore will communicate with that therapist regarding treatment issues and progress. The therapist is also invited to attend treatment team meetings as necessary. 

Patients may also decide to put their work with their outpatient therapist on hold and meet with a Psycamore therapist individually during the program. Patients not having a therapist will be assigned to a therapist at Psycamore. Once the patient graduates from Psycamore, they are encouraged to continue outpatient individual and/or family therapy to continue their momentum and progress.

What Can Individual Therapy Treat?

In individual therapy sessions, patients may work on a variety of mental and emotional issues in a comprehensive and customized style. Each patient is unique in their needs and our therapeutic approach reflects this.

As an integral part of Psycamore’s mental health intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization program, individual therapy creates a safe space in which to explore meaningful change without fear of judgment with a licensed mental health professional. Individual therapy can offer immense benefits when it comes to understanding oneself better and developing healthier coping mechanisms in order to lead a more balanced life overall. 

Psycamore individual therapy offers various techniques for managing anxiety, stress, and panic. Just a few examples include:

  • Best treatment for anxiety and panic attacks 
  • Anxiety fatigue treatment
  • Panic disorder treatment
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for health anxiety
  • Menopause anxiety treatment
  • CBT for health anxiety
  • Extreme anxiety treatment
  • Anxiety attack treatment
  • Social anxiety disorder help
  • Panic disorder help
  • Sleep anxiety
  • Managing severe anxiety
  • Panic treatment
  • Treating anxiety without antidepressants
  • Generalized anxiety disorder help
  • Anxiety neurosis treatment
  • Therapy for relationship anxiety
  • Therapy for young adults with anxiety or social anxiety

We also address a wide range of other mental health concerns in individual therapy, depending on the patient’s needs. Some examples of these include:

  • Treatment for depression and severe depression
  • Mental illness treatments
  • mood disorder treatment and therapy
  • Nervousness treatment
  • Low mood disorder treatment
  • Best treatment for OCD intrusive thoughts
  • Help for bipolar disorder
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy for OCD
  • PTSD
  • Anger
  • Obsessions/Compulsions

Our Clients Say:

As an older person who just lost a job, I needed some mental stability and help to think clearly about the future. I was depressed and felt alone. Psycamore staff was empathetic and very helpful […]

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