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If you’re suffering from depression, you’re not alone. Depression affects millions of people worldwide every day and it influences daily life and presents multi-faceted difficulties on every level. When you’re ready to seek treatment and start on a path to healing, Psycamore is here for you. Our depression therapists across Mississippi are standing by, ready to assist you with treatment and become your trusted partner for your journey to wellness. 

Types of Depression

It’s always a good place to start with discerning the type of depression you’re facing. This helps guide planning and assists in formulating a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. At Psycamore, our skilled therapists will provide a formal diagnosis of your depression with the objective of creating a treatment plan to address your depression. 

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

This is what you’ll most commonly hear referred to as clinical depression and it is characterized by persistent feelings of hopelessness, sadness, lack of interest in daily life, lack of pleasure in regular activities, and withdrawal from society and daily life. MDD requires treatment or it can last for weeks and months if left untreated.

Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD) / Dysthimia

This was once referred to as dysthymic disorder but has been renamed as PDD. This is chronic, low-level depression, often lasting as long as two years or more. While you’re able to function with this depression better than MDD, it chips away at your quality of life and ultimately takes a toll on you. PDD does require treatment in order to improve your mood and ability to function fully.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): This is a seasonally-related depression, usually peaking during the fall and winter months. The lack of sunlight creates symptoms that include oversleeping, weight gain, social withdrawal, and lack of energy. 

Antenatal and Postpartum Depression (PPD): Before and after having a baby, some mothers suffer from situational depression. These emotions can result in difficulty bonding with your baby, mood swings, overwhelming fatigue, feelings of inadequacy, and more. These feelings can be treated medicinally or with therapy. Time is also a good friend in recovering from PPD or antenatal depression, and usually, mothers recover with ample time to adjust to having a child. 

Psychotic Depression

This is characterized by paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions. You may feel like everyone is after you, you may see or hear things that aren’t real, and you may believe everything is aimed at your demise. Medication and intense psychotherapy are often required to work out of a psychotic depression episode. 

Bipolar Disorder

This is a disorder where you may go through cycles of depression alternating with manic cycles. During the manic phases, you may feel invincible, on top of the world, and highly energized. During depressive episodes, you often feel symptoms similar to major depressive disorder (low energy, hopelessness, helplessness, and potentially suicide). 

Cyclothymic Disorder

Similar to bipolar, cyclothymic disorder involves cycling between mania and depression, although in a much less severe manner. You may experience symptoms for up to two years and it can be treated with therapy and in particular cases, medication.

Treatment for Depression Near Me

When it comes to treating depression in Mississippi, Psycamore is here to help. Our outpatient intensive treatment gives you the option of receiving treatment for your depression without leaving your family or job behind. Simply attend your day-to-day activities and in the evenings, stop by Psycamore for group therapy, individual therapy, medication management, family therapy, parenting support, and more! Your depression doesn’t have to control your life. With the right support, you can learn to manage your depression so that you can live a full and healthy life. Call us today for the depression support you deserve!

Our Clients Say:

As an older person who just lost a job, I needed some mental stability and help to think clearly about the future. I was depressed and felt alone. Psycamore staff was empathetic and very helpful […]

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