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Psycamore is honored to announce that our team now includes trained STAR Behavioral Health Professionals. Many members of our staff have gone through the STAR training to become fully trained to provide the highest quality care that aligns with the unique needs and experiences of our military community. 

What is STAR Behavioral Health?

This initiative was founded after it recognized the necessity of meeting the unique mental health needs of military service people. So many of our veterans and current military personnel face military-specific challenges in daily life, and yet all too often, they do not receive the individualized care they deserve. The primary goal of STAR is to connect military service members with licensed behavioral health providers who specialize in military support. This program offers a streamlined and easy method of connecting you with the right mental health professional for your precise needs.

What sets our STAR-trained staff apart at Psycamore is our specialized training in the needs and treatments that are unique to our Mississippi military members and their support systems (families, community, friends, etc.). At Psycamore, you have access to the quality treatment you require and deserve.

Why Choose STAR Trained Professionals?

Military life presents unique challenges and it is a path that deserves unreserved support. Psycamore’s STAR-trained professionals understand the complexities that go hand-in-hand with military service, deployments, and mobilizations. Our STAR-trained staff is equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive and effective care, ensuring that every individual in the military community receives tailored care to meet your needs.

Who Can Benefit? 

Whether you’re an active service member, a veteran, or a military family member, Psycamore is here for you. During tough moments, it’s crucial to seek assistance from qualified professionals who understand the intricacies of military life and can provide specialized treatments that have been proven effective. Your well-being is our priority and we are thrilled to now have STAR-trained staff onboard to better meet your needs. 

Why Seek Mental Health Treatment as a Service Member?

Our objective at Psycamore is to provide accessible, easy, and effective treatment for mental health concerns. As military members, you face diverse challenges that are different from those of civilians, and we treat your needs accordingly. Treatment plans at Psycamore work around your busy everyday lives through our outpatient mental health programs. You will always have an individualized plan designed to provide the individual, group, couples, and family therapy needed to address your specific mental health concerns. Psycamore is all about addressing your concerns comprehensively, so we use mind and body techniques as part of our treatment. This may include mindfulness, yoga, grounding activities, PTSD treatment, depression and anxiety relief, as well as medication management support if needed.

We have locations in Biloxi, Flowood, and Southaven with STAR-trained professionals who are standing by to provide compassionate, skilled support. If you or a loved one would benefit from working with a STAR-trained military mental health professional, contact us at Psycamore today! We are awaiting your call!
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Psycamore is honored to announce that our team now includes trained STAR Behavioral Health Professionals. Many members of our staff have gone through the STAR training to become fully trained to provide the highest quality […]