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Restoring Health
Renewing Hope


Restoring Health
Renewing Hope


Restoring Health
Renewing Hope


Restoring Health
Renewing Hope


Restoring Health
Renewing Hope


Restoring Health
Renewing Hope


Restoring Health
Renewing Hope


About Us
Psycamore Psychiatric Programs is a licensed, private, freestanding partial hospitalization program for highly functional adults and adolescents suffering from serious mental disorders and psychosocial impairments. Dr. Sudhakar Madakasira, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and a Board Certified Psychiatrist founded the Psycamore’s Adult Program in November 2001, in order to serve adults who don’t want or need psychiatric hospitalization.

In 2004 the Adolescent Program was added and in September, 2005, Psycamore moved into its expanded and current location in Flowood, MS.

An Employee Assistance Program was added in 2008, and in December, 2008, a new location was opened in Southaven, MS.

A Parenting Program and a Child Program were started in 2011 in the Flowood location and a MS Gulf Coast location was opened in February of 2012 in Biloxi, MS.

Hundreds of adults and adolescents have been admitted into different psychiatric programs since Psycamore’s inception. Adults have consisted of lawyers, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, executives, as well as individuals in governmental, business and manufacturing fields. Adolescents come from both public and private high schools.

Partial Defined
Partial Hospital Program (PHP) is defined as “a time-limited, ambulatory, active treatment program that offers therapeutic all intensive, coordinated, and structured clinical services within a stable therapeutic milieu.”

It is an alternative to hospitalization and combines the best facets of inpatient care (structure and intense care) with the best of outpatient care (scheduling flexibility and lower costs). It requires services to be provided at a minimum 20 hours per week while Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) requires a minimum of 12 per week.

Treatments may be arranged for day, evening, or night, within the framework of the recommended minimum of hours per week, allowing patients the mobility and freedom to maintain home and social life and daily routines, while also maintaining work or school schedules. Best and longer lasting results are achieved with treatment duration of at least six to eight weeks.

This is what professionals say about Partial Hospitalization Programs

“Among 44 patients consecutively admitted to a day hospital program, those who completed the program were those who achieved higher functioning.”
-International Journal of Partial Hospitalization, Dec 1991

“After 5 weeks of treatment, 32 participants with anxiety disorders showed significantly lower levels of “fear of fear”, severity of impairment and general emotional distress.”
-Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, February 1993

“Recovery in 35 participants in a partial hospital program consisted of improved self esteem, empowerment, social support and quality of life.”
-Community Mental Health Journal, June 1999

This is what patients have said about Psycamore

“The best part was being able to go home at night, yet still receive comprehensive therapy during the day.”

“Psycamore gave me back “myself” in a better form than I’ve ever experienced.”

“What helped the most was the group therapy that made me realize that others had similar issues and that I was not alone.”

“Cognitive behavioral therapy helped me change my own reaction to bad situations.”

“The therapists were concerned, honest and straightforward and made me understand the roots of my behaviors; I felt cared for/about.”

“I benefited from getting on proper meds and having the dosages refined; medication and therapies worked in harmony.”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Psycamore Psychiatric Programs is proud to present our Spring Training Session as a resource for practitioners in the state. We have a staff of highly experienced, licensed therapists who are eager to share the knowledge we have gained through our every day opportunities to hone our group and individual therapy skills.  We are a NBCC certified CEU provider.  This session will provide 4 hours of CEs for only $15!  Registration is via our Ticket Tailor page. Click the links below for more information about this event.  We look forward to sharing with our fellow mental health practitioners!

To register visit our Ticket Tailor link :

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Restoring Health
Renewing Hope